The saying that if is ain’t one thing it’s another has never been as prevalent as it has been this year. Over this last week, we have seen another altercation that ended in a shooting which involved a Black man and the police. The headline looks to be the same with the same reactions of protests and news coverage.

The Black community is looking at the police, and other members of society are looking at thing person who got shot. Everyone is clamoring for the accountability on both parties. Still, neither party is taking responsibility for the situation, which means that we are bound to hear the same problems again.

Let me state that I do not justify anyone getting shot or killed in these altercations in any way, shape, or form. I am saying that there is an opportunity in every situation to take ownership of the outcome.

Responsibility is not given based on position, title, or relationship. It must be taken from an individual perspective by taking control of your life. This includes your mistakes, decisions, and growth as a person. It is not leaving your life to chance or placing your future in someone else's hands.

There are five benefits of taking responsibility that will improve your leadership.

 Feeling A Sense of Control Over Your Life

Everyone is looking for a sense of contentment and shaping your life as you see fit. Most people try to fix or control everyone outside of them; however, controlling what you can control which is you leads to a greater focus and sense of direction in life. You stop fighting senseless battles like what you cannot do and focus on what you can do. More importantly, you recognize that you are the author of your own life, and you can write your story as you see fit.

Have a Better Attitude

Life is not fair. Plain and simple, and sometimes bad times happen to good people. And while this reality exists, and we cannot stop life from happening, we can choose how we think about what happened and use it for our benefit. William Shakespeare was right when he stated, "Nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."


Break the Negative Feedback Loop

Have you met someone where something is always happening to them? Someone is harsh to them, and nothing seems to work for them? While another person appears to have everything going for them. They seem to be floating through life with not a care in the world. It's funny how two people can look at the same event, and one feels hopeless while the other feels empowered. The event is the event, but taking responsibility for our role in the event breaks the feedback loop and allows us to make a different choice and, therefore, moves us forward through life.

Allows Opportunity to Ask the Right Question

The questions that we ask are crucial to our learning development. If we ask one question, we get one answer; however, we get a different answer if we reframe the question another way. Taking responsibility for our lives allows us to stop focusing on "why" something happened. We may never find that answer, and as such, we create another feedback loop asking why. If we change the question of “how” something happens, we can be prepared and grow through that situation when we see ourselves headed in that direction in the future.

Act with Integrity

Integrity is merely lining up our words with our actions. It is doing what we say we are going to do. We gain confidence by taking responsibility, and we begin to see tangible results in our life based on the results you want to see. More importantly, we earn the trust of the most critical person in our life, which is us. If we don't believe our word, we will not feel empowered and as a result, in control of our own lives and at the mercy of others' words.

Taking responsibility is difficult, and sometimes it is hard to see the role that you played in every situation. However, nothing of value is without a cost. The rewards of controlling your life are well worth the price required to help grow your leadership. Always remember… Change Changes Everything.


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