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      About Us


      THE NAME:

      In All Your Getting is out of the Bible and it's about gaining understanding to better your and your family's life. 


      The brand was created by a family consisting of Chris, Toya, Cam, Aiden, Addy and Jen who reside outside of Chicago, IL. We are empowering parents to take a growth mindset perspective and learn, work, and develop in order to help secure your kids future. The word impossible doesn't exist but yet is used frequently. We believe that you can only give what your are and have and that's enough. 


      Life and parenting are hard but they aren't boring as long as you are developing. You have to learn and grow along this journey called LIFE. Sharing is caring and we believe leaving a legacy where our ceiling is our kids floor.. An legacy comes through attaining all the skills and resources needed in life to live out your GOD given purpose.

      YES AND YES: 

      We are a Black Owned Business and We own a minivan.  


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